Posted by Bunny Pratt
Take time November 10-18 to walk through the Field of Valor virtual field trip at Veterans Park. It's geared towards 5th grade students to #Inspire experiential learning. Look for the signs posted at 10 history stations located along the memorial trail. Start at the flag field closest to the softball parking lot with a pledge to the American flag and end with a moment of silence at the War on Terror monument featuring a piece of the World Trade Centers from the 9/11 attack. Click the YouTube playlist below for short video clips provided by Mr. Pratt (A&M Consolidated US History and Economics teacher) and download or print the script booklet to read about the 10 history stations.
  1. Field of Valor Pledge & Purpose
  2. Civil War Fence Divide
  3. Texas Independence
  4. War of 1812 and National Anthem
  5. Revolution & Declaration of Independence
  6. Memorial & Holidays
  7. WWI & WWII: Read, Record, Report
  8. Korea/Vietnam: Stopping the spread of Communism
  9. Bricks of History: Read, Record, Report
  10. 9/11 Memorial & Moment of Silence
Thanks go to Jason Pratt (CSISD), Bunny Pratt (Bryan Rotary), and Janyce Kinley (BISD) for developing the TEKS focused scripts.