Wildflyer Mead
Apr 07, 2021 12:00 PM
Jeff Murray
Wildflyer Mead

Jeff Murray is one of the owners and mead maker at WildFlyer Mead Company south of Navasota, TX. WildFlyer Mead is located on the BeeWeaver Honey Farm, the oldest continuously operating beekeeping and honey farm in the state of Texas. 

Jeff is TAMU class of 2007 with a BS in Renewable Natural Resources and class of 2009 with a Masters of Water Management and Hydrology. He worked in the water resources industry in Fairbanks, Alaska and Houston, TX. He most recently worked sourcing water for an oil and gas company in Houston. 

Jeff got his start homebrewing beer when he and his wife Chelsea moved back to Houston in 2011. In 2014, he convinced Chelsea to let them start keeping bees in their backyard. When the bees started producing honey, he had the idea to start making mead, without ever really having tried it before. Fast forward five more years, Jeff and Chelsea moved to Navasota in 2019 to start WildFlyer Mead Company, which opened in May of that year.