May 15, 2019
Jeanne Elisa Estingoy
Rotary Youth Exchange Student: Jeanne Elisa Estingoy of Albi, France
Jeanne Elisa Estingoy (pronounced Esting-gua) is from Albi, France.  She is attending College Station High School for a year as a Rotary Youth Exchange student.  Jeanne will discuss her year as an exchange student in Texas.  Her current host family is Peg & Will Heyman and their 2 sons.  Her last host family was Natalie & Roger Pine and their 2 sons.  Jeanne's first host family was Jennifer & Doug Bramwell and their 3 children.  
Jeanne is:
  • 18 yrs old
  • From Southern France - Albi
  • Loves photography and cooking
  • Loves eating at Fuego
  • Has excelled at US history in school this year
  • Her older sister was a Rotary Foreign Exchange Student 3-4 years ago and was in El Paso for the year
  • Elisa and her family travel extensively
  • Her parents are business owners.