FOV Flag Tag

Every Veterans Week (since 2011) Bryan Rotary Club sets up our Field of Valor—1000 Flag Salute to Service. This is a patriotic display of American flags at Veterans Park in College Station, Texas. The Bryan Rotary Field of Valor project exists to SERVE the community through funds raised, to HONOR Active Military, Veterans, First Responders, and Healthcare workers for their selfless service through their vocation, and to EDUCATE students through teacher mini-grants and scholarships. For a $50 donation, a 3'x5' American Flag on a 10' pole will be posted and tagged with your name and your Honoree’s information. Click here to Reserve a Flag Tag.


Click here to complete your online Sign Sponsor Pledge. Demonstrate your company's patriotic spirit and community support by sponsoring a sign during the Bryan Rotary Field of Valor Display at Veterans Park in College Station, Texas. The display is posted for a week (Saturday through Sunday), and it is accessible and visible to the thousands who gather at the public park for daily recreational activities, leagues & tournaments, and for Veterans Day activities hosted there.  Please consider one of the underwriting opportunities, or contact us about an in-kind donation. 
Wayne Courregas III