Based on the theme of gallant knights and Rotarian values, EAFK is a curriculum-based character education program for elementary and middle schools that puts Rotary into daily mainstream public education for the FIRST time ever. This proprietary program is sponsored by Rotary Clubs for local campuses and teaches kids how to become noble, service-oriented people along with why it is important for them to do so. EAFK is amazingly effective, with 100% of participating schools crediting the program with significantly increased academic scores, decreased behavioral issues, more teaching time and happier faculties and parents. To learn more about EAFK, visit 
The area Rotary clubs are planning to launch EAFK in one local Elementary School during the 2011-2012 Academic Year. Rotary already supports youth programs in the local schools: Interact (for high school), RYLA (Leadership camp for high school juniors), and Rotaract (for college age). Early Act is just one more way to promote good character development starting at an early age and deter ethical impairment in young people which can lead to dishonesty, irresponsibility, crime, anti-social behavior, and classroom behavior problems.
To get involved in the effort, please contact Bunny Pratt at