Over the past several months the officers, board of directors and several interested members of the Bryan Rotary Club have undertaken a three year strategic planning process. The three outcome goals from this process were recently presented to the club.  As a result of this planning process, the Bryan Rotary Club will focus on achieving the following goals during the period of 2011-2013:


  1. An Aware Community: Develop a single long-term, Rotary branded “signature” fundraising event that will reinforce the values of Rotary, be highly visible in the community, involve the participation of at least 70% of our members, and have the capacity to generate in excess of $30,000 per year that will be used to fund the club’s primary community and international service projects.

  2. Anticipated Service-Based Events: Establish no more than 3 (2 local and 1 international) long-term, sustainable, Rotary branded service projects that will reinforce the values of Rotary and make a defined, measurable and highly visible difference. At least one local service project should leverage the combined resources of all three local clubs and a district Rotary grant in order to maximize the scope and impact of the project.

  3. Educated & Engaged Members: Provide a mentor for each new member, assign all members to a committee or sub-committee, schedule at least one program per quarter focusing on the work of Rotary International, and promote active participation by members in at least 2 club projects per year (those who participate actively in mentoring, committee work and project participation will receive a special recognition each year and Bryan Rotary Door and Yard Signs).
The following is a set of primary and secondary projects that will give our club the best chance of realizing the goals of our three year plan and prepare the club for implementation of the Rotary International Future Vision.
Primary Projects
Primary projects are those that are considered key to achieving the goals of the three year plan and to the long-term strategic direction of the club. Projects in this category will have a club-wide focus and will be funded through club’s general budget. All members of the club will be expected to contribute to and participate in these project areas.
  1. An Aware Community
    1. Bryan Rotary Club Field of Valor
      The purpose of the Field of Valor will be to build upon the Bryan Rotary Club Veteran’s Day Parade and collaborate with the Brazos Valley Veteran’s Memorial to provide a week-long service project that will include: 1) a highly visible tribute to military, fire and police veterans, 2) educational and entertainment opportunities for the community, and 3) a fundraiser for the club.

      A detailed event plan and concept drawings will be formed by the Field of Valor Committee.
    2. Bryan Rotary Newman 10 Business Performance Awards
      This award ceremony has grown into one of the most visible and successful community service projects that the Bryan Rotary Club conducts. Efforts will be made to brand the event as the “Bryan Rotary Newman 10 Business Performance Award” by using the full name in all advertising and promotions, and the full name and Rotary seal will be incorporated into the logo. The program will incorporate a Service Above Self Award for a small business that has been nominated and selected based on demonstrating the Rotary motto of Service Above Self in the conduct of their business in the local community.
 2.  Anticipated Service-Based Events
    1. Education Enhancement Programs
                                                              i.      The Rotary Early Act First Knight (EAFK) program will be the central component of the education enhancement program that will be jointly supported by all three local Rotary Clubs. Based on the theme of gallant knights and Rotarian values, EAFK is a daily, research-based character education program for elementary and middle schools. The program is sponsored by Rotary Clubs and helps kids grow up to be not only smart people, but good people. 100% of schools participating in EAFK report significantly increased academic scores, decreased behavioral issues, and happier faculties and parents. Rotary members are needed to serve as advisors for projects the students initiate.

                                                            ii.      Camp RYLA will continue to be supported as a way to reward and further develop the leadership skills and Rotary values for exceptional local high school students.

    1. Children of the Dump
      This international project has been supported by the Bryan Rotary Club
      for a number of years along with other Rotary Clubs in Texas & the mid-west. It continues to be a well-developed, sustainable program that includes potable water, food, medical care, clothing, education, housing, vocational training, and a community economy for impoverished areas of Nicaragua. It reflects Rotary values and has the added benefit of local leadership who can provide annual reports to our club. There are also regular trips that Bryan Rotarians can join to personally participate in the project.
Secondary Projects
Secondary projects are those that reinforce the values of Rotary and that certain members of the club have an affinity for and will take leadership in funding and carrying out. Funding for these projects will not come from the general budget, but may be raised through approved fundraising activities specifically designated for these projects and carried out by the affinity group.
  1. Fundraising
    1. Benefit Dinner
    2. Flag Project
  2. Service
    1. Teacher Mini-Grants
    2. Backpack Program
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