Aug 22, 2018
Michele Buenger - CHI St. Joseph's MatureWell
Senior Patient Advocacy CHI St. Joseph MatureWell

The CHI St. Joseph Health MatureWell Lifestyle Center is a new concept providing health and wellness services to adults 55 and over. Our facility offers a wide range of services and amenities, including primary care from a board-certified geriatrician, rehabilitation therapy, and a Senior Wellness Program, complete with a gym and indoor pool.

Bio: Michele Buenger, BSN, RN, is the Patient Advocate at CHI St. Joseph’s MatureWell Lifestyle Center. Michele has been a nurse for 11 years working in the areas of cardiac care, hospice admissions, skilled nursing admissions, and post-acute transitions of care. She utilizes her multi-disciplinary expertise to connect individuals with services, resources, providers, and care coordinators, effectively eliminating barriers to healthcare and promoting health management outside of the acute care setting for those aged 55 and older. Michele also manages and teaches classes for the CHI St. Joseph Lifestyle Club, which provides educational and social opportunities for learning and support, promoting the highest level of lifestyle change and self-advocacy. While Michele is an expert in resource connection, she too never stops learning and is currently studying to obtain the Senior Advisor Certification.  In addition to her full-time job at CHI St. Joseph MatureWell, Michele serves on several local community committees, including the BV Health Coalition-Community Impact Committee and the Walk to End Alzheimer’s Logistics Sub-Committee.