Bush Combat Development
Apr 24, 2024
Patrick Seiber ‘93 , PR Director
Bush Combat Development

Patrick Seiber will be talking about the George H.W. Bush Combat Development Complex on the RELLIS campus and what they're doing to help accelerate the development of critical national security technologies to help provide our military with the tools they need, when they need them.

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The Texas A&M University System’s RELLIS Campus is the site of the comprehensive George H.W. Bush Combat Development Complex (BCDC) – a comprehensive ecosystem unlike any other in the nation. The U.S. Army Futures Command will use the RELLIS Campus in Bryan, Texas, as its central hub where the newest and most innovative ideas for modernizing the Army are tested and evaluated. The aim is to shorten the time it takes to get emerging technologies from the lab to the field and maximize technology capabilities through soldier and stakeholder feedback.

Their mission is to accelerate the development, integration, and transfer of technology to advance United States defense and security capabilities in critical technology areas. They will operate with an agile mindset to help their partners deliver new capabilities for the nation.