NASA's Orion Program

Oct 18, 2017
Dr. Greg Holt, NASA Flight Controller
NASA's Orion Program

Dr. Greg Holt, NASA flight controller will speak about his involvement with the end of the shuttle program, as well as his current involvement with the Orion project.


Where’s my spaceship?  OK, you’ve probably never been asked that - but Dr. Greg Holt has.  He is the Navigation Lead for the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle at NASA Johnson Space Center.  As an engineer with over 10 years of NASA service, he has enjoyed many opportunities to be active in outreach, education, and technical leadership.  He was a Mission Control navigator for 8 Space Shuttle missions and most recently the Orion Exploration Flight Test in 2014, receiving a host of nifty-sounding accolades including the JSC Director’s Commendation, NASA Spaceflight Awareness Award, and NASA Software of the Year.  When he’s not busy telling astronauts where to go, Greg enjoys acapella music and trying to keep four young kids from tearing the house down.

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