BTU General Manager
Sep 28, 2022
Gary Miller
BTU General Manager

GARY MILLER, General Manager - Bryan Texas Utilities

Gary has been with BTU for 17 years, the last ten of which have been in the General Manager role.  Gary received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Lamar University in 1984 and has worked in the ERCOT market for his entire career.

Gary has a well-rounded breadth of ERCOT experience, having worked for Investor Owned Utilities, Electric Cooperatives, Power Marketers, River Authorities and Municipalities.  Before coming to BTU, Gary worked as an engineer and manager for various utilities in Texas including the ERCOT, STEC, LCRA, TXU and several others.

While at BTU, Gary had responsibility for the Power Marketing Division and the Power Generation Division before becoming General Manager in 2012.