Sep 26, 2018
Dr. David Flint: Author, Professor, Entrepreneur
"The V-REEL® Framework for Strategy Development"
For more than 20 years, Dr. David Flint has been teaching business 
strategy and consulting with businesses of all sizes, across a broad 
ranges of industries. Through the years of working to help individuals 
and organizations form sound strategy, he noticed a problem. Many of the 
people, particularly young people, he was working with had a hard time 
wading through all the information available to them, organizing their 
thoughts, and thinking clearly toward sound strategy. They often did not 
know where to begin to actually build a strategy or present a plan. 
Strategic thinking alluded them. To help his students and clients ask 
the right questions and move from information overload to clear, 
well-reasoned strategy recommendations, Dr. Flint created the V-REEL® 
Framework for strategy development. In 2018, he released his book, 
"Think Beyond Value: Building Strategy to Win," introducing the framework 
to the world at large. He also launched a podcast, "Thinking Beyond: 
Conversations with Strategic Thinkers," all toward the end of 
encouraging good strategic thinking in business and in life.

David currently serves as a Clinical Professor at Mays Business School 
at Texas A&M University where he teaches strategic management and entrepreneurship, 
and leads students on study abroad programs. He is 
also a consultant, public speaker, and author. David has been engaged in entrepreneurial 
activities since the early 1980s across multiple industries and is 
presently involved in board or leadership positions across business 
endeavors in software applications, real estate, and insurance. David 
serves on the boards of several not-for-profit organizations with both 
domestic and international activities and is deeply committed to about helping 
businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals succeed. Toward that goal, 
David developed the V-REEL® Framework to help organizations and 
individuals think beyond value and create sound strategy for business 
and for life.