May 08, 2019
Elisabetta Arianna “Betty” Meschi
College Station Youth Exchange

Elisabetta Arianna “Betty” Meschi lives in northern Italy in a small town, Osnago where there are two ice cream parlors, a cinema, and some pizza places. Trains link Osnago to Monza, Milan, Lecco, and Bergamo. Her parents work in health care and she has two older sisters. 


Betty is a delightful person, flawlessly courteous, and very respectful with an open mind to accept new challenges. She aspires to be an actress and has studied theater at A&M Consolidated High School this year. While dealing with the challenge of adapting to a new country as well as her official obligations as a participant of the Rotary Youth Exchange program, Betty has been on the All A Honor Roll at Consolidated multiple times.