Jan 29, 2020
Joe Cerami and Team
Habitat For Humanity, Global Village Antigua Guatemala 2020, Healthy Homes Project

Bryan Rotarians are back from their trip to Guatemala!  Partnering with Habitat for Humanity Global Village Project, Bryan Rotarians recently joined forces with Habitat to expereince another culture while contributing to healthier, more sustainable lives for children and families.  

Over 90% of rural Guatemalan families use wood as their primary cooking fuel, oftentimes using an open fire inside the home which has led to 52% of Guatemalans suffering from respiratory disease. Through partnerships with the local community and family, Habitat for Humanity Guatemala has built over 21,000 smokeless stoves, reducing families’ firewood consumption by 60%, saving them over $700 a year and allowing them to allocate more time towards generating an income to better support their family. In addition to building smokeless stoves, Habitat also helps provide families with complete home construction and home improvements such as latrines, concrete floors and roofing.

Please join us as we hear about the trip and learn more about this amazing opportinuty to serve.